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Heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail: forecasters issue storm warning for Lviv region on 22 June

According to the forecast of the Lviv Regional Centre for Hydrometeorology, there will be thunderstorms in Lviv on 22 June in the morning and afternoon; in the afternoon – heavy rain, during the thunderstorm – a strong squall of 25-27 m/s, hail.

We remind you of the rules of conduct during a thunderstorm:

– close windows and doors at home; unplug all electrical appliances – they attract lightning, including the phone – there is a risk of lightning striking while you are talking.

– when outdoors, do not hide under trees, as they attract lightning; there is also a danger of heavy branches falling, which can break in wind gusts and cause damage; avoid metal fences, billboards, power poles and, in any case, do not open an umbrella if you have one with you – metal rods attract discharges.

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