Стислий огляд подій

Weather forecasters warn of frost and extreme fire danger in the coming days in Lviv region

The Lviv Regional Center for Hydrometeorology reported that severe frosts of 0-2° are expected in Lviv on May 15-16 at night and in the morning. Forecasters also predict an extreme (5th class) fire hazard for May 15-20.

Doctors remind that it is important to dress appropriately during periods of fluctuating air temperature. In particular, they recommend wearing several layers of clothing instead of just one warm sweater, because you can always take one of them off when it gets warmer. You should also avoid wearing too tight clothes and shoes, as they hinder movement and only contribute to hypothermia. And if you are still cold, move your hands and toes, as this will increase blood circulation to the extremities.

The city’s Department of Emergency Situations, Civil Protection and Territorial Defense also reminds that unauthorized burning of dry vegetation, which is prohibited in Ukraine, faces a fine of UAH 3,060 to 6,120, and officials face a fine of UAH 15,300 to 21,420. For the same actions committed on the territory of nature reserves, arsonists face a fine of UAH 6,120 to 12,240. And in wartime, such actions are equated with sabotage, which entails criminal liability (imprisonment for 10 to 15 years). Citizens are also reminded to call 102 and 103 if they see dry vegetation burning or arsonists.

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