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Forecasters warn of high fire danger in the coming days in the territory of Lviv region

The Lviv Regional Center for Hydrometeorology reports that a high fire hazard is expected in the Lviv region. Lviv City Hall urges everyone to follow fire safety rules.

In particular, forecasters predict a high (class 4) fire danger on July 24, and an emergency (class 5) on July 25.

The City Administration for Emergency Situations, Civil Protection and Territorial Defense reminds that the high fire danger in conditions of ignition of dry vegetation, forest plantations and peat can lead to large-scale fires that will pose a threat not only to the environment, residential buildings and infrastructure, but and life and health of people. Therefore, you should follow fire safety rules and handle fire with care.

In case of any unforeseen situations, please report to the City Hotline at number 1580.

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