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Timothy Snyder visited Lviv and planted a tree in the city center

American historian, Yale University professor Timothy Snyder is visiting Lviv. Today he visited the Town Hall, met with the mayor Andriy Sadov and left an entry in the Book of Honored Guests of Lviv.

“I hope that this city and this country will come out of this war even more beautiful and full of hope. It is a great honor to learn from Ukrainians,” wrote Timothy Snyder in the Book of Honored Guests of Lviv.

After Timothy Snyder planted a robinia umbraculifera tree on Cathedral Square.

“One of the biggest Ukrainian lawyers in the world, Yale University professor Timothy Snyder, is in Lviv today. He warned about the danger to the world posed by Russia long before the start of the war in 2014.

Timothy is sure that the Russian Empire must lose its last war, because peace is possible only after the victory of Ukraine.

Timothy Snyder’s tree will now grow on Cathedral Square.

We will win the war and the professor will give his lecture about freedom here,” Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi wrote on his Facebook page.

We will remind you that yesterday in Lviv, an outstanding historian gave a lecture to the students of the Ukrainian Catholic University. Timothy Snyder also met with a soldier who was reading his book “The Road to Unfreedom” in the trenches.


Timothy David Snyder is an American historian and writer, a professor at Yale University, a specialist in the history of Eastern Europe. Researcher of nationalism, totalitarianism and the Holocaust. Active member of the Scientific Society named after Shevchenko in America.

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