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In Lviv, ATP 1 is conducting an official investigation into the situation with the driver of route No. 18

As reported in the Lviv communal police station No. 1, today, July 29, patrol police officers stopped the driver of route No. 18 for violating traffic rules and fined him for allegedly driving a vehicle without a driver’s license. In order to understand the situation, ATP No. 1 started its own official investigation.

“At the end of winter, the driver of our route No. 18, driving his own vehicle, was detained by the police and his license was revoked, because according to the law enforcement officers, he was driving while intoxicated. At the same time, the driver was given a temporary ticket. The validity of the temporary ticket was extended in connection with the martial law, and there is still no final court decision. Therefore, our driver drove the bus on the basis of a temporary ticket, which is allowed by law.

Today, when he was driving bus #18, he was again stopped by the police for violating traffic rules. And according to the driver, the police seized a temporary license that gave him the right to drive a car.

We have now prepared an order and are conducting an official investigation. The driver is suspended from work. He wrote an explanation. We are now in contact with the police to remove this temporary ticket and see if it has been renewed. Based on the results of the official investigation, we will take appropriate actions,” said Orest Hamula, director of LC ATP No. 1.

The head of ATP No. 1 added that if during the official investigation it turns out that there was a lack of work on the part of the employees of ATP, whose duties include control over the number of drivers, they will also be punished.

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