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Regulated pedestrian crossings will be arranged near the industrial park in Lviv

In the Ryasne neighborhood, at the intersection of Shevchenko and Velychkovsky streets, regulated pedestrian crossings will be arranged. The location is near the Industrial Park.

The decision was approved the day before by the city’s road safety commission.

According to the Lviv City Council’s Department of Safety and Street Infrastructure, Lvivavtodor is to reconstruct the existing traffic light facility by installing appropriate pedestrian sections.

As noted by the Shevchenkivskyi District Administration, pedestrian crossings are badly needed there. “There is an industrial park nearby. And the nearest zebra crossing is located more than 200 meters from this location. Therefore, after the crosswalks are arranged here, people, mainly employees of the industrial park, will be able to cross the 6-lane roadway conveniently and safely,” the Shevchenkivskyi District Administration said.

As a reminder, new pedestrian crossings will also be arranged at the intersection of Pasichna and Pyrohivka streets.

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