Стислий огляд подій

Rescuers on Mount Trostyan helped an injured tourist yesterday

On December 24, the Slavic search and rescue group on the ski track of Mount Trostyan, in the village of Slavske of the Stryi district, provided assistance to an injured ski tourist. A 23-year-old boy injured his right leg while skiing.

The rescuers provided the victim with first-aid and brought them down to the foot of the mountain, where they were handed over to medics for further assistance.

The main administration of the State Emergency Service in the Lviv region reminds about the rules of safe skiing on ski slopes:
• follow a safe speed that will give you time for an additional maneuver to avoid a collision;
• do not abuse alcoholic beverages while skating, because the reaction time decreases many times;
• wear protective equipment;
• do not drive off the tracks.

Remember that in places of mass skiing from the mountains, an inept and, most importantly, undisciplined skier is a serious danger to others!

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