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Since the beginning of the year, six cyclists have been killed in road accidents in Lviv region

In total, since the beginning of 2024, 73 road accidents involving cyclists have occurred on the roads of Lviv and the region, 60 of which resulted in injuries.

This was reported by the Police of Lviv region.

As a result of the accident, six drivers of two-wheelers were killed and 61 others were injured.

As the main cause of death or injury of cyclists is non-compliance by road users (cyclists and drivers of other vehicles) with the requirements of the Traffic Rules of Ukraine, we remind you:

– Only persons who have reached the age of 14 are allowed to ride bicycles on roads. A cyclist has the right to drive a two-wheeled vehicle that is equipped with a sound signal and reflectors: white in front, orange on the sides, and red on the rear. To ride in the dark and in conditions of low visibility, a light (headlight) must be installed and switched on the bicycle. If possible, use personal safety equipment: a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads, and be sure to follow the requirements of signs, markings and traffic signals.

In accordance with paragraph 6.6 of the Traffic Rules of Ukraine, cyclists are prohibited from riding:

– ride a bicycle with a faulty brake, sound signal, or in the dark and in conditions of low visibility – with the light (headlight) switched off or without reflectors;

– Ride on motorways and roads for cars, as well as on carriageways when there is a bicycle lane nearby;

– ride on sidewalks and pedestrian paths (except for children under 7 years of age on children’s bicycles under adult supervision);

– Hold on to another vehicle while driving;

– ride without holding the steering wheel and take your feet off the pedals (footrests);

– carry passengers on a bicycle (except for children under 7 years of age, who are transported on an additional seat equipped with securely fixed footrests);

– tow other bicycles and trailers not designed for use with the bicycle.

We would also like to remind you that the presence of reflective elements on clothing significantly increases safety, as a car driver can notice such a cyclist at a much greater distance, which means that they can slow down, increase their side interval or stop in time.

We would also like to address motorists who often allow themselves to ignore their colleagues – drivers of two-wheeled vehicles – on the road. Cyclists are road users just like you, so the requirements of the Traffic Rules of Ukraine apply to them, just like you. Failure to comply with these requirements is an administrative offence, and in some cases (for example, if you cause an accident with victims), a criminal offence punishable by up to several years in prison. We advise you not to forget about this!

Lviv regional police communication department

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