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On 20 February, mourning vigils will be held in Drohobych and Stebnyk

Tuesday, 20 February, will mark the 10th anniversary of the Heavenly Hundred. The events on Independence Square began the process of state-building and the resistance of Ukrainians to the pro-Russian course. Young people took to the Maidan with placards to defend the European choice and democratic values. The peaceful rally turned into a bloody event and a real massacre of the participants of the Revolution.

The people who laid down their lives for a free, democratic, European Ukraine were called the Heavenly Hundred. However, the Revolution of Dignity marked the beginning of a further struggle with the aggressor neighbour, which annexed Crimea, encroached on Donbas and Luhansk, and since February 2022 has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Every year, the memory of the patriots who died on the Maidan is honoured on 20 February with mourning veche.

In Drohobych, a mourning assembly will be held at 15:00 on 20 February in the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred Park. In Stebnyk – at 15:00, on 20 February, on Shevchenko Square.

In the villages of the community, there will be hours of remembrance, workshops on making symbolic angels, flash mobs and literary evenings.

On 19-20 February, the Drohobych Museum will host symbolic exhibitions and meetings with the families of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes, presentations and thematic tours.

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