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Border guard of the Lviv Detachment Maria Pukhalyk was awarded the “Woman 2023” prize according to the international glossy magazine “Business Woman”

The annual awarding of the Woman 2023 prize according to the international glossy magazine Business Woman has recently taken place in Kyiv.

The event brought together outstanding women who stand out for their courage, talent and influence. According to the organizers, the event is a celebration of women who have not only succeeded in their careers but also actively contribute to the development of society by creating innovative solutions and implementing groundbreaking ideas. For the award, we considered candidates who have achieved success in their field of activity, help people, have a high level of social responsibility and are tolerant towards people. They are patriotic, develop their industry nationally and internationally, protect the rights of Ukraine and its territory, and help the country.

This year’s award was presented to women in six categories, one of which is “Defenders of Ukraine at the Home Front and on the Frontline”. Maria Pukhalyk, a border guard of the Lviv detachment, received the award for her courage and dedication in the fight for Ukraine’s independence.

Maria is a medical doctor by profession, currently serving in the Lviv Border Guard Detachment, and has been with the State Border Guard Service since 2016. At the beginning of 2023, as part of a consolidated detachment, she performed tasks in the area of active hostilities in the Soledar-Bakhmut direction. Mariia helped and organized the evacuation of wounded soldiers of the State Border Guard Service and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and saved the lives of about 10 soldiers.

The award was presented to the border guard by Yuriy Lysiuk, Deputy Director of the Department and Head of the Border Control Organization Department of the SBGSU Administration, Vitaliy Dragunov, Head of the BES Territorial Office in Kyiv, and Denys Bogush, a Ukrainian political strategist and military expert. The event was accompanied by artistic and musical performances by talented bands and singers.

“From international politics to women’s leadership in the global Ukrainian community, from successful business to social responsibility, each category testifies to the enormous contribution of women to our modern world. Let this event be an expression of our respect and gratitude to each of them!” said Hanna Krysiuk, founder of Business Woman magazine.

Last year’s Woman 2022 award went to Elina Medinina, a Mariupol defender.

The border guard served in the Donetsk detachment as the head of the health service. With the beginning of the large-scale invasion of Russia, the border guard performed tasks in Mariupol, which was surrounded by the enemy. Elina is a doctor who saved many lives at Azovstal. Then the girl was taken prisoner by Russia, where she spent almost 5 months.

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