Святкові події

In Lviv, near the monument of Taras Shevchenko, a rally was held

The girls’ vocal-choreographic ensemble “Pannochka” and the male vocal-choreographic ensemble “Jura” led the Hayivkas.

Today, May 7, on Svoboda Avenue, near the monument to Taras Shevchenko, the Department of Culture of Nationalities and Religions of the Lviv State Academy of Arts organized an Easter party. Children and folklore ensembles of the Lviv region were invited to participate. Also, everyone willing was able not only to get acquainted with ancient traditions as a spectator, but also to take a direct part in this festive event.

The girls’ vocal-choreographic ensemble “Pannochka” and the male vocal-choreographic ensemble “Jura” were led by Hayivka under the leadership of artistic director and choreographer Ihor Fedak, choreographer and Honored Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Horodyskyi, as well as choirmasters Solomiya Voloshina and Andriy Voloshyn.

The event was attended by Ivan Sobko, deputy head of the Lviv OVA, and the director of the department for culture, nationalities and religions

This event became a bright example of how traditions can unite people and inspire preservation of cultural heritage.

“Haivki are an important part of cultural heritage and support the connection between modernity and ancient traditions. It is not only an expression of folk creativity, but also an important cultural asset that reflects the traditions, faith and way of life of the Ukrainian people. They play a role in the preservation and transmission of cultural heritage, stimulating interest in national identity,” noted Ivan Sobko.

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