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Vyshyvanka Day to be celebrated in Drohobych tomorrow

молодь закликають зробити патріотичні фото в національному вбранні

On 16 May, Ukrainians celebrate a bright and distinctive holiday – Vyshyvanka Day. Ukrainian vyshyvanka appeared many centuries ago, and the number of different patterns and sewing techniques is simply impossible to count.

This year, unfortunately, Vyshyvanka Day will once again be held in the midst of a full-scale war. For the 10th year in a row, the fight against the eternal enemy – the Moscow occupier – has been going on for our borders, language, customs and the opportunity to wear embroidered uniforms. Today, the embroidered shirt has become a symbol of Ukrainians’ defiance and demonstrates our struggle for freedom, national ideals and the preservation of our traditions in our native land – and this greatly increases the importance of the holiday.

Tomorrow, on the Day of Vyshyvanka, there will be no mass events and celebrations in Drohobych due to martial law.

However, on the occasion of the All-Ukrainian Vyshyvanka Day, the Department of Family and Youth of the City Council announced a competition for an original photo in an embroidered shirt – “Vyshyvanka Day in my group”. Student groups, namely those from technical schools, colleges and the city’s pedagogical university, are invited to participate in the photo contest. The conditions are simple: take a photo of the group wearing embroidered shirts and post it on the Facebook page – Vyshyvanka Day in Drohobych. The photo should be posted by 16 May. The results of the competition will be announced on 17 May and the winners will be determined. Five photos with the most likes will be announced as winners and their owners will receive prizes.

All participants who post a photo in embroidery will receive certificates.

Support the genetic code of the nation and wear an embroidered shirt tomorrow!

We would like to add that Vyshyvanka Day was initiated by Lesia Voroniuk, a student at Fedkovych University in Chernivtsi, in 2006. She invited other students to come to class wearing embroidered shirts on the same day. At first, several dozen students joined the action. Then teachers started coming to class in embroidered clothes, and the event became famous in the city.


Gradually, Vyshyvanka Day began to spread throughout Ukraine, but it is most lavishly celebrated in Chernivtsi. The date of the holiday is specially set on a weekday to emphasise that embroidery can be a common everyday item, not just a festive garment.


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