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Evacuation from frontline areas: over 190 people arrived in Lviv region over the past week

Volunteers of the Medical and Psychological Aid meet everyone in need of support at the Lviv Main Railway Station.

Volunteers of the Medical and Psychological Aid continue to provide support to all those who are evacuating to our region. On May 7-12, they met 194 people at Lviv’s main railway station, most of whom came from Sumy, Pokrovsk, Kherson, Kramatorsk and Zaporizhzhia. Among them were 16 people with disabilities and 48 elderly people.

Evacuation directions are assigned to Lviv region: Zaporizhzhia, Pokrovsk, Kherson. However, volunteers of the Medical and Psychological допомоги also meet everyone who needs support.

You can apply for assistance by clicking here: https://forms.gle/HUjxTNvY7JBFnmfP9

You can also contact the Lviv Hotline at tel: 16-84.

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