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Lvivvodokanal replaced part of the water supply system in Hrybovychi

According to Lvivvodokanal, the replacement of the old section has been completed on the Zarudtsi-Zboishcha main water supply system. This water supply system provides water to more than 30 settlements of Lviv region and part of Shevchenkivskyi district of Lviv.

Works on the section of the main water supply system “Zarudtsi-Zboishcha” in the village of Hrybovychi started in March this year. 520 running meters of old pipes were replaced with new ones. Shut-off valves were also replaced and thirteen new plungers were installed along with latches.

“The newly built section of the water supply system” Zarudtsi-Zboishcha “was connected today at 04.00. The important thing is that our specialists managed not to cut off the water supply to Lviv, so the people of Lviv, although with low pressure, always had water during these works. The full-fledged water supply will be restored tomorrow, ”Lvivvodokanal reported.

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