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Residents of Lviv region are urged to save electricity

Lviv Oblast State Administration calls on hromadas to take measures to save electricity on their territoriesDepartment of Fuel and Energy Complex, Energy Efficiency, Housing and Communal Services

This will prevent the use of electricity supply restrictions and balance the power system.

In connection with the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, shelling and the destruction of power equipment, in order to balance the unified power system and prevent the application of electricity supply restrictions, Lviv Regional State Administration requests that urgent measures be taken to save electricity in the territories of territorial communities.

“We appeal to communities to revise the schedules for switching street lighting on and off, reducing the intensity. We have also considered the feasibility of running fountains, lighting facades of buildings and monuments. Everything is done to balance our power system and avoid blackouts,” said Andrii Godyk, First Deputy Head of Lviv Regional State Administration.

The heads of the ATCs are also asked to conduct awareness-raising activities among small and medium-sized businesses to reduce electricity consumption by business establishments, including reducing its use for billboards and signage. They are also asked to inform the heads of budgetary organisations about the need to take measures to save electricity.

Following the recent missile attacks, the Ukrainian power system is struggling to maintain the balance of electricity production and consumption.

There are currently no emergency power outages in Lviv Oblast. But it is important to help the power system.

So that you do not have to use hourly shutdowns, do not switch on energy-intensive appliances between 19:00 and 22:00. Limit the simultaneous switching on of such appliances.

Also, unplug all appliances that you are not using and use energy-saving lamps for lighting.

The energy-intensive appliances in question are: air conditioner, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner, boiler, heater, iron, washing machine, microwave, electric oven.

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