Влада працює

An open-air exhibition of illustrations demonstrating the pain of war in Ukraine continues on Franko Street in Drohobych

Recently, the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukrainian lands has passed. For two years now, Ukrainians have been bravely and steadfastly defending their land, defending the rights and freedoms of Ukraine as a free and sovereign state.

The night of 24 February 2022 divided the lives of Ukrainians into “before” and “after”. That night, the terrible word “war” came into the lives of every Ukrainian. With this awareness and bitter painful losses, we are still living with the fight against the enemy.

The Department of Culture and Tourism Development of the Drohobych City Council, together with the Pictoric art project team, organised an exhibition of illustrations that not only demonstrate but also shout to the whole world about the war in Ukraine. The paintings show the terrible events and the staggeringly cruel reality in which Ukrainians have been living for two years in a row.

The illustrations dedicated to the full-scale war in Ukraine can be viewed at the outdoor exhibition at 16 Ivan Franko Street in Drohobych.


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