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Competition for selection of experts to conduct expert assessment of municipal property in Drohobych community announced

The Department of Community Property of the Executive Bodies of Drohobych City Council announces a competition for the selection of experts to conduct an expert assessment of a municipal property object.

Communal property to be sold through electronic bidding

No. p/a Location of the leased object Lease area (square meters)


1. Non-residential premises at the address: Drohobych, 1 Shevska St. 4.7

The purpose of the independent appraisal is to determine the value of the municipal property to be privatized through an auction.

Participants of the tender should submit an application to the Executive Committee of Drohobych City Council and materials on participation in the tender in an envelope marked “Tender for the selection of experts”.

The materials should include:

– application for participation in the competition;

– a copy of the constituent documents of the participant of the competition;

– copies of documents confirming the qualifications of employees involved in the expert evaluation;

-written consent of the appraisers who will be additionally involved by the bidder in the appraisal and signing of the property appraisal report, certified by their personal signatures;

– a copy of the certificate issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine for the right to conduct expert evaluation of state property;

– the bidder’s proposals on payment terms in accordance with the cost estimate and the terms of work performance. Payment for these works will be made subject to availability of funds.

The tender will be held at 10 am. March 08, 2024 at the address: Drohobych, 1 Rynok Square, room 205. 205. The tender documentation must be submitted to the General Department of the Executive Committee of the Drohobych City Council by March 01, 2024 at the following address: Drohobych, Rynok Square, 1, room 103. 103.


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