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Kraków Vodokanal handed over a meter for finding hidden water leaks to the utility company “Drohobychvodokanal”

The utility company “Drohobychvodokanal” received a meter designed for water metering in closed pipeline networks. The necessary equipment was handed over to the enterprise by the Kraków Waterworks. Polish partners have repeatedly helped both the water company and the city of Kotermak with humanitarian aid.

The meter will be used by the search and rescue service to detect hidden water leaks. Until today, this service had two such meters at its disposal, which appeared 12 years ago, but they have exhausted their operational resource. One of them is currently under long-term repair. The meter received from the Krakow Water Company is more modern and works with less error.
The functions of the meter and its importance in the work of the city’s water supply company were outlined by Roman Shagala, the director of the KP “Drohobychvodokanal” to the head of the community Taras Kuchma and the director of the CU “Institute of the City of Drohobych” during a working meeting.

So, to detect a hidden water leak, you need two counters designed to account for water in closed pipeline networks. They are placed at the two ends of the water pipe section. With the help of special sensors located on the pipeline, information is read according to the specified parameters: the material from which the pipeline is made, the diameter of the pipeline. This information is transmitted to the integrator (minicomputer), which calculates the amount of water using a special formula.

Therefore, if there is a difference between the indicators of the first meter and the meter that records the volume of water at the outlet of this water supply, it means that there is a hidden water leak in the area. Next, specialists face the task of identifying its location and carrying out liquidation work.

The administration of KP “Drohobychvodokanal” and the local authorities express their gratitude to Kraków Vodokanal for their constant support and assistance.


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