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In Lviv, 5 container houses can be transferred to a boarding school


The city will donate 5 containers for individual training and work with a psychotherapist for the pupils of the St Nicholas Multidisciplinary Training and Rehabilitation Centre in Bryukhovychi.

This decision was supported at a meeting of the Lviv City Council on 16 May.

“These are 5 modular houses. We were approached by the St Nicholas Training and Rehabilitation Centre and asked to lease them for 5 years for the needs of this boarding school so that psychotherapists could consult with children.

Before signing the lease agreement, we will apply to the relevant ministry to get their approval for this use,” said Helena Payonkevych, head of the legal department at Lviv City Council.

As a reminder, the modules for internally displaced persons were donated to Lviv as humanitarian aid from the Polish government and the International Solidarity Fund. Four modular towns for internally displaced persons were set up in the city, and three of them were later mothballed. Currently, one of the largest modular towns in Lviv, Mariapolis, is home to almost 1,000 people, including about 260 children.

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