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In Lviv, 350 meters of the emergency section of the water supply system was replaced on Mazepa Street

Employees of Lvivvodokanal’s repair and maintenance unit No. 4 are completing the replacement of a 225 mm diameter emergency water supply line at 1-13 Mazepa Street, and starting in June, residents of these buildings will be supplied with water through new pipes.

As the company explains, this area has been a high risk area: about 10 gusts were recorded here last year, and 4 gusts have already been detected this year.

“Replacing the emergency section of the water supply system at 1-13 Mazepy Street was an “asterisked task” for our employees, because the water pipe had to be placed in a passage channel among other communications that were there. Therefore, it was necessary to carry out all the work very carefully and accurately in order not to damage other communications, dismantle the old and lay a new water pipe,” Lvivvodokanal says.

The works at 1-13 Mazepa Street started in early May. So far, 350 meters of water supply have been replaced. It remains to lay another 50 meters, as well as flush the new network and reconnect the houses to it.

“We plan to start supplying water to residents of the houses at 1-13 Mazepa Street with new pipes as early as June,” Lvivvodokanal added.

Lvivvodokanal owns 2700 km of water supply and 925 km of sewerage networks. Approximately 80% of the pipelines need to be replaced. Therefore, the company’s employees replace sections of emergency water and sewage pipelines every month.

Also this year, the company has already replaced 6 sections of emergency collectors. Among them is a section of a 100-year-old collector with a diameter of 1000 mm on Ugorska Street.

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