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Change in the cost of cash payment for public transport has been postponed in Lviv

Lviv has postponed the change in the cost of cash fares for public transport for 3 months. Until September, the price of a paper ticket for city buses, trams and trolleybuses will remain unchanged at UAH 20. The decision was supported today by the executive committee of the city council.

“When we switched to cashless fares last December, the Executive Committee decided to set fares depending on the payment method. It also stipulated that from 1 June 2024 the cost of a cash journey would increase to UAH 25.

In other words, we declared back in December last year that cash should be the least convenient and most expensive payment method. We are in favour of non-cash payments. We promote the use of LeoCards and bank cards. But we understand that now is not the time to raise tariffs. And today the executive committee has postponed this rule for 3 months so as not to create an additional financial burden for residents. So until September, the cost of a trip when paying in cash will remain at UAH 20.

In the meantime, we are preparing to launch the transfer service. Initially, this service will be available only with LeoCard. And the introduction of the transfer is, in fact, one of the stages that should further popularise the non-cash payment method,” said Oleg Zabarylo, director of the Department of Urban Mobility and Street Infrastructure at Lviv City Council.

The official added that today only about 19% of trips in urban public transport are paid for in cash, and there is a downward trend in this percentage.

As a reminder, Lviv currently has unified fares for public transport. The cost of one trip in city buses, trams and trolleybuses depends on the payment method chosen by the passenger and is as follows: UAH 13 when paying with a LeoCard, UAH 15 when paying with a bank card or NFC device, UAH 20 when paying in cash at the driver’s office, and UAH 6.5 for students when paying with a LeoCard.

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