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Lviv increases the number of charging stations for electric vehicles

The list of locations for electric vehicle charging stations has been expanded in Lviv

The Lviv community has agreed on 7 more locations for electric vehicle charging stations. These are Malaniuk Square – 17 Skoryk Street; 25 and 120 Shevchenko Street; 281-A Zelena Street; 2 Masaryk Street; 16-G Remysnychna Street; 95 V. Chornovil Avenue. The corresponding decision was made today, April 19, by the executive committee of the city council. Thus, as of now, Lviv city council has identified 40 locations on municipal land intended for the installation of such charging stations.

Business entities can install electric vehicle charging stations by applying to the city for a permit.

According to Oleh Zabarylo, Head of the Department of Urban Mobility and Street Infrastructure at Lviv City Council, charging stations have already been installed at 4 of the designated locations. Another 10 packages of documents have been issued for the installation of such stations.

Last year, Lviv simplified the procedure for obtaining permission to install charging stations for electric vehicles on municipal land. The applicant needs to submit an application to the Department of Urban Mobility and Street Infrastructure through the ASC, and the entire package of permits will be prepared there. Next, the entrepreneur must apply to the district administration and obtain a permit to disturb the landscaping. And only then can they begin work on installing the station. There is also no rental fee for the use of the land plot on which the charging station will be located.

List of locations for charging stations:

20, Akademika Hnatiuka str;

2-A Pid Dubom str.

15 S. Bandera St;

24 S. Bandera St;

32, S. Bandera St;

1, F. Lista str;

E. Malaniuk Square – M. Skoryk Street, 17;

38 Stryiska st;

E. Petrushevych Sq;

2, T. Shevchenko ave;

15 T. Shevchenko ave;

34 I. Vyhovskoho St;

25 T. Shevchenko St.

5-B Zhasmynova St.

67 K. Levytskoho St;

7 Pekarska St;

8, I. Mechnikova str;

281-A Zelena St.

18, Luhanska str;

23 V. Navrotskoho str:

45-A Stryiska St;

2-A Chervona Kalynya Ave;

36, Chervona Kalynya Ave;

66, Chervona Kalynya Ave;

10 Volodymyr Velykyi St;

37 S. Yefremova St.

85 Generala Chuprynky str;

10 Kyivska str;

2-B Naukova str;

2 T. Masaryk str;

6 Y. Fedkovycha str;

11 V. Lypynskoho St;

95, V. Chornovil ave;

V. Chornovil ave.

9 Mykolaychuk st;

4 P. Orlyka str;

16-H Remysnychna str;

271 B. Khmelnytskoho st;

120 T. Shevchenko str.

Briukhovychi village, 74 V. Ivasyuka Street.

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