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Hydraulic tests of heating networks will start in Lviv tomorrow

Annual hydraulic tests of heating networks begin in Lviv on May 23. For the time of hydraulics and elimination of the revealed damages the heat supply enterprises will suspend supply of hot water to the consumers. As soon as the communal services eliminate all the detected defects, the centralized hot water supply in the city will be restored. According to the Department of Housing and Infrastructure, hydraulic testing and elimination of detected damage is the key to a stable and trouble-free heating season.

“Hydraulic tests are necessary to prepare high-quality networks, boiler houses, CHPs for the new heating season. In particular, CHP-1 for equipment prevention and repair is being shut down at this time.

Hydraulics makes it possible to see the technical condition of heating networks, in particular, where there are gusts and defects, and, accordingly, it is possible to eliminate them. It should be noted that the inspection of heating networks itself lasts several days, and then – eliminate the identified gusts. That is, the time we spend on hydraulics is both testing networks and eliminating gusts.

Thanks to hydraulic tests, Lviv has not had any difficulties with the start of the heating season in recent years – heat is supplied to residents’ homes almost simultaneously. And the heating season itself passes practically without gusts on heating networks, which in winter cannot be eliminated without stopping the supply of heating to residential buildings and social infrastructure facilities, “the Department of Housing and Infrastructure explained.

The timing of the resumption of hot water supply will be announced in addition.


Hydraulic tests are conducted annually after the end of the heating season, in accordance with the Rules of technical operation of heating plants and networks, approved by the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine №71 of 14.02.2007, and paragraph VI of the Rules of preparation of heating facilities for the heating period. Of Ukraine №620 / 378 dated 10.12.2008.

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