Five months of unbreakableness: the story of a family volunteering at “Medical-psychological assistance”

The head of Lviv OVA shared the story of a mother and son who help displaced people at the Main Railway Station of Lviv.

Today is 5 months of full-scale war. Five months of our indomitability! And for almost the same amount of time, medical and psychological care volunteers have been working at the Main Railway Station of Lviv on the initiative of Lviv OVA.

“Sometimes people volunteer as whole families. Like, for example, Agafia and Danylo. Mother and son go on night shifts and help displaced people.

Agafia is a psychologist who joined the team of medical and psychological care from the first days.

Danilov is 14 years old. It would seem that people around him are almost twice as old, but he goes to shifts with great interest. He says that since childhood, his mother taught him to be honest, first of all with himself, and to take care of himself. And at the train station, he realized that he also likes caring for others, helping those in need,” says Maksym Kozytskyi.

We remind you that the medical and psychological service volunteers 24/7. You can choose a night or day shift. If you’re ready to join, fill out the form: https://forms.gle/iHgnLmLyncYk5T1b6

“The more volunteers there are, the more people we can help. It will be easier for others. Now we really need doctors.

Volunteering means rules, order, discipline, responsibility. And it’s a great experience. It is worth getting. Let’s resist,” the head of Lviv Oblast emphasized.

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