In Lviv, doctors helped give birth to twins with intertwined umbilical cords

A unique case was told in the maternity hospital of Lviv TMO №3 – doctors helped to give birth to twins with the phenomenon of intertwining two umbilical cords.

The midwife was consulted at the Third City Clinical Hospital of Lviv.

“It’s really unique and very rare. In the photo you can see the phenomenon of intertwining of two umbilical cords, which occurs in monochorionic monoamniotic twins (when the fetus has one common placenta and is in the same amniotic cavity).

Such a pregnancy requires special monitoring and premature delivery, because in the process of childbirth can be a serious complication – the syndrome of “feto-fetal transfusion”. This is when one fetus “steals” another, taking on more food, as a result of which both children can have serious complications, “- say in TMO №3.

Timely prevention, careful monitoring of the condition of the fetus and delivery at 32 weeks of pregnancy can avoid and prevent most complications and save the lives of children.

Therefore, from the 30th week the woman was kept in the Department of Pathology of Pregnancy of the 3rd MCL TMO №3.

“At 32 weeks, a team of professional doctors and nurses successfully performed a planned caesarean section and helped give birth to two boys.

Now the mother and newborn twins are feeling well, the children have been transferred to the 2nd stage of care in one of the children’s hospitals in Lviv.

They will definitely become a support for each other, because they are so closely intertwined in the womb! “, – added in the Third Medical Association of Lviv.

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