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Lviv residents are invited to a fair on Sykhiv on Sunday

On Sunday, 12 May, the First Farmers’ Fair will take place on Sykhiv. Visitors will be able to buy craft cheese and meat products, as well as handmade goods from producers. The fair will be held on the square in front of the Dovzhenko Centre from 10:00 to 17:00. Residents and guests are invited to visit the fair and discover farm products.

The fair will feature about two dozen entrepreneurs: local and regional producers of cheeses, sausage delicacies, sweets, honey, sauces, condiments and other handmade products.

Visitors to the fair will be able to taste: aged cheese with beetroot, Black Rada – cheese with white mould and black centre, unique author’s teas made from freeze-dried fruits and berries, cheese roll with sun-dried tomatoes and olives, chocolate honey with nuts, amosovaya paste, 12 varieties of cheese-pressed oils and cake, cheeses from the meadows and Hutsul horses. There is also fresh bread, fruit tarts, shu biscuits, craft chocolate and the largest selection of marzipan, hot, mild and spicy sauces made from native peppers and pastilles.

“We invite everyone to come to the fair this Sunday. Our farmers will be here, working to ensure that we have healthy, high-quality food and delicacies. So we have to support them. If you like the fair, we will continue to hold it at this location in the future,” said Inna Svystun, Head of the Economic Development Department at Lviv City Council.

Among other things, a children’s area will be open for the youngest visitors to the fair, with free masterclasses.

The fair is organised by the Economic Development Department of the Lviv City Council in partnership with the Sykhiv District Administration and the Dovzhenko Centre.

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