Horodok’s Kolos is the winner of the Super Cup of the Lviv Veterans League

The fate of the prestigious football trophy was decided at the Kolos Stadium in Horodok between the League champion of the 2023 season, Verkhovyna Zymnia Voda, and the winner of the Golden Autumn 2023 Cup, Kolos Horodok.

The team from Horodok won a convincing 3-1 victory against Zymnia Voda. However, the neighbors (the team consists of players with experience playing in the Ukrainian championships) were the first to hit the home team’s goal. However, the Kolosiv team’s high skill and will to win made all the difference: they equalized the score and securely consolidated their advantage.

The team success was tempered by the team:

Lyubomyr Tsiselskyi, Andrii Vtorak, Maksym Kozyrev, Rustam Borovets, Bohdan Burbylo, Volodymyr Leshnivskyi (captain in the Super Cup game), Yaroslav Mayor, Stepan Shchyhol, Nazar Savka, Andrii Boyko, Yurii Panasiuk, Ihor Dorosh, Ivan Smola, Ivan Plyuvak, Volodymyr Tupis, Maksym Kurko, Roman Bilyk. Oleh Seledets, Roman Dyachok, Oleh Yaremchuk, Valentyn Porushnyk, Oleh Malanyak.

Congratulations to Kolos on winning a fundamental confrontation! The status of one of the strongest veteran football teams in the region has been confirmed once again!” the Horodok City Council emphasized.

The team captain is Roman Dyachok, the coach is Oleh Seledets. The president is Roman Bala.

One more line is added to the football victories of Horodok veterans. Among them are:

⚽️ ⁃ finalists of the Spring 2020 Cup;
⚽️ ⁃ bronze medalists of the 2020 championship;
⚽️ ⁃ finalists of the Independence Cups 2020, 2021;
⚽️ ⁃ silver medalists of the Winter Cup of the Veterans League in mini-football 2021;
⚽️ ⁃ bronze medalists of the Horodok District Mini-Football Cup-2021;
⚽️ ⁃ winners and silver medalists of the mini-football tournaments on the occasion of the Volunteer Day and the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2021 and 2022;
⚽️ ⁃ winners of the charity mini-football tournament Volunteer Cup 2022;
⚽️ ⁃ bronze medalists of the Veterans League Championship-2022, Vasyl Cup-2023 charity tournament, Horodochyna Cup-2023 mini-football tournament;
⚽️ – winners of the Golden Autumn Cup of the 2023 season;
⚽️ – the winners of the Mini-Football Cup in honor of Yaroslav Dmytrasevych, master of sports, honored coach, native of Velykyi Liuben.

And now – the winners of the Super Cup Lviv Veterans League 2024

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