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Chervonohrad athletes win high awards

On May 9-10, traditional athletics competitions took place in Zamość (Poland). Pupils of Chervonohrad CYSS № 2 took part in them.

Among young athletes born in 2007-2008, Stanislav Oliynyk took the first place in the long jump and the second place in the 100-meter run. Roman Leszyk showed the best result in the 300-meter dash and javelin throw. Yulia Tishchenko was in the lead in the 100-meter dash and was second in the long jump. The first place in high jump and the second result in the 300-meter run was won by Anna Kovrigina. Karina Ukhanska was in the lead in the 300 meters and was fourth in the 100 meters.

Pupils of CYSS № 2 2009 – 2010 year of birth were also happy with their success. In particular, Victoria Lozynska was the best in the long jump and finished third in the distance of 60 meters. First place in the 300-meter run and two second places in the 60-meter distance and long jump – in the assets of Vladislav Zhabetsky. Stanislav Vozny took the second step of the podium in throwing the ball and was fourth in the long jump. Andriy Mastykash confidently led in the distance of 600 meters. Coaches Vasyl and Larysa Makovski prepared the team for the competition. Many thanks to the president of the sports club “Agros” Zamość Konrad Fyrek, all coaches for the quality organization of competitions and a sincere welcome in Poland.

Pupils of CYSS № 2, born in 2010-2011, also triumphed at the children’s football tournament, which took place on May 14 in Zhovkva. They were represented by two teams – Chervonohrad and Sosnivka. Following the results of an uncompromising fight on the field, the winners of the tournament were young Sosniv players, who beat their peers from Rava-Ruska 2-0, drew 0-0 with the hosts and snatched the victory from Krasnohrad with a score of 2: 1. Coach Vasyl Havalko prepared the winning team for the competition.

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