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Over two years of full-scale war in Lviv region, air raid alarms sounded almost a thousand times

3 On February 24, 2022, sirens in the Lviv region warned the population about the danger and that it had passed 968 times.

During the second year of Russia’s full-scale invasion, missile threats were announced 404 times. At the same time, the aggressor took 555 hours and 32 minutes (with the average duration of an air raid alert being over an hour) of our daily lives.

To the point: Public warning systems in Lviv region to be fully modernized by the end of this year

As of February 24, 2024, the territorial warning system of Lviv region consists of the following equipment:

1. Electromechanical sirens – 170 pieces (since the beginning of the full-scale aggression, 12 more have been purchased), 134 of which are equipped with new “electronic” control units;

2. Electronic sirens of various capacities, including:

loudspeaker units with a capacity of 900-1200 W – 19;

universal warning units with a capacity of 200-400 W – 321 (+145);

IP loudspeakers – 204 (+18);

autonomous warning and street sounding systems – 465 (+135);

mobile loudspeaker equipment – 65 (+1).

Thus, the installed signaling and loudspeaker devices have covered the population of cities, towns, villages and settlements in 73 communities. By the way, as of the beginning of 2022, only 46 communities had their own alerts.

In addition, the population of Lviv and Lviv region is alerted centrally via the broadcasting network (in the FM band) and digital television by the branch of the Public Joint Stock Company “National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine”, “Lviv Regional Directorate”, as well as by the municipal enterprise TRK “Pershyi Zakhidnyi” (according to the existing broadcasting licenses in Lviv region) and through the mobile applications “E-alert” and “AirAlert”.

Threats of missile attacks and the start and end of air alerts are officially reported on the telegram channel of the Department of Civil Defense of the Lviv Regional State Administration. You can subscribe to the channel at https://t.me/dczloda.

As a reminder, in 2023, 57 communities in the region modernized their local warning systems. The total amount of funding for these works (including expenditures from the regional and local budgets) amounted to UAH 35 million 60 thousand.

Work on improving the warning system under the Safe Lviv Oblast program continues. In 2024, 17 communities in the region have already announced their participation in the program. It is planned to allocate more than UAH 7 million from the regional and local budgets to modernize the systems already established in these communities.

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