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Today, the enemy attacked gas distribution infrastructure in Stryi district and a power substation in Chervonohrad district

Сьогодні вночі ворог атакував енергетичу інфраструктуру Львівщини

A missile alert was announced tonight.

After 4 in the morning, there were up to 2-3 waves of launches from the Engels area. Rockets fired all 9 sides of the TU-95.

In addition, the enemy launched shahedis.

As reported by the head of LOVA, Maksym Kozytskyi, an enemy drone entered the airspace of our region before 4:00 a.m. – this was done even before the rockets entered the Lviv region.

Later, at 05:44, the takeoff of the MiG-31K was recorded. In addition, air defense works against enemy missiles in various regions of our country. These are missiles launched by Tu-95MS strategic bombers.

As of this hour, no rockets have been detected in Lviv Oblast. But they have already entered the airspace of Rivne region, Vinnytsia region and Khmelnytskyi region. Western course.

At 05:50, the rockets that were in the Volyn region changed their course to the Lviv region!

05:55 Rockets entered the airspace of the Lviv region. Charity is very dangerous.

06:04 Stry and Stryshchyna! Missile threat!

At 06:51, an air alert was sounded.

Why is the enemy attacking Lviv Oblast?

As Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko wrote: The enemy attacked the energy infrastructure in the Lviv region

Subsequently, the head of LOVA Kozytskyi reported on the targets of Russian attacks in the region:

At night, enemy cruise missiles of various classes and UAVs attacked two objects of critical energy infrastructure in the Lviv region. This is a gas distribution infrastructure facility in Stryi district and an electric substation in Chervonohradskyi.
Fires started. They were quickly extinguished by firefighters.
There are no victims or injured.
All life support systems of the Lviv region are working normally.
That’s all I can report as of this hour.

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