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Frank’s house told the IDP about the writer and prepared costume tours

A number of events on the occasion of the International Museum Day were prepared by the Lviv National Literary Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko (“Franko’s House”).

On May 17, a lecture “The Museum Visits People” was held in the temporary town for internally displaced persons. During the event, employees presented the museum to students from different regions of Ukraine, invited to visit the exhibition and take part in costume tours.

On May 18, on the Day of Museums, in the House of Frank – a traditional Philosophical breakfast-conversation on the topic: “What will give us strength?” and a theatrical tour “Franchata about Dad”, during which employees of the institution will be transformed into children of Ivan Franko, Anna and Peter.

The head of the museum Bohdan Tykholoz spoke about the new opportunities of the institution. In particular, a children’s labyrinth, a children’s art studio and a theater group have been set up on the territory of the museum.

“The children’s labyrinth was made a few years ago, it visited Europe: Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana. Children can go through the maze and read about Franko in English, ”said Bohdan Tykholoz.

“The museum has a special mission during the war. International Museum Day is a great opportunity to remind about this mission, – said the head of the House of Franco. – We have taken measures to protect our treasures from possible risks associated with wartime. We carry out the process of digitization and organization of funds. In cooperation with the National Restoration Center, we managed to restore unique paintings and graphics. We have new acquisitions – a relative of the artist Fotiy Krasytsky, Mrs. Olga Krekoten, handed over a unique life portrait of Ivan Franko. Now this is the third portrait of the artist’s work in our collection. ”

The museum is actively working with children, joining the program “Children of the country: entertainment and courage.” “Children draw, rejoice, have fun and sing, despite the fact that the situation around is quite difficult. They have a childhood, and that’s very important. It is also a responsible mission – museums that do not work for children are doomed to oblivion. We work with internally displaced persons. Our team does not hesitate to go directly to those people who live in a temporary town and work there, meet and talk. We have introduced unusual excursions. Our employees make excursions in Lviv, walks together with Ivan Franko. Theatrical tours were also prepared. The premiere of the new tour “Franchata about Dad” will take place on May 18. Frank’s children, son Peter in the form of a Sich archer and daughter Anna walk around the museum and talk about their parents’ house. In the roles – our employees, who change into costumes and tell about the facts related to Peter and Anna.

Employees of the museum carry out current repairs of the institution, install new lighting, prepare for the exhibition of sculptures. Magnolia and sakura saplings were planted in the museum’s garden, and Franko’s pear tree, which was planted during the writer’s lifetime, was watered. The Frank House team runs its own video blog on YouTube and is also an active volunteer. Employees and friends of the museum formed a volunteer unit named after Peter Franko, which was part of the Galician Hundred of Self-Defense. The unit patrols and patrols the museum at night. In the auxiliary premises of the museum you can see an exhibition of works by contemporary artists Natalia Velychko, Igor Bonishko, Marta Lukiv-Lyubytska, Yuri Yamash and Orest Manyuk. One of the exhibitions is dedicated to the Crimea – the works of Lviv artists depict the peninsula in the pre-occupation period.

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