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Drohobych Ballroom Dance Ensemble “Oksamyt” Wins the Ukrainian Championship in Sports Dance

The members of the Oksamyt ballroom dance ensemble impressed the judges on the floor and demonstrated a high professional level, winning the Ukrainian Championship in Sports Dance. The tournament was held these days in Lviv.

The dance and sporting event brought together many teams that skillfully proved their superiority in sports dancing on the floor, and impressed with their performances and costumes.

The pride of Drohobych, the Oksamyt Folk Ballroom Dance Ensemble under the direction of Lesia Kalichak, won for performing European dances. They were awarded with a cup and a diploma.

In addition, this weekend, the Oksamyt ballroom dance ensemble took part in the Stanislaviv Dance Festival in Ivano-Frankivsk. Here, too, the Drohobych dancers became winners. “Oksamyt” won first place in the nomination “Ballroom choreography Formation Adults ST”.

We would like to add that this year the Oksamyt ballroom dance ensemble will celebrate its thirty-seventh birthday. More than one generation of graduates has passed through the ballroom dance school, and many dance Olympuses and peaks have been conquered. In addition, Lesya Kalichak’s students, having adopted the experience and knowledge of their teacher, now run their own dance studios and bring beauty to the world.


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