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Presentation of the unique private collection of the master of folk art in embroidery Yuriy Melnychuk in Lviv

On Thursday, April 28, a meeting of museum workers of Lviv region and a presentation of the unique private collection of the master of folk art in embroidery Yuri Melnychuk will take place in the premises of the Lviv Academic Gymnasium

Yuriy Melnychuk worked for many years as the Deputy Director for Research and Foundation Work of the Ivan Honchar Museum in Kyiv. In addition, he is the owner of a unique collection of authentic embroidery, collected in different regions of Ukraine. Yuriy Melnychuk will tell the participants about the preserved samples of traditional Ukrainian sewing, ancient and modern ornaments, types of ancient seams, varieties of embroidered towels and models of embroidered clothes.

According to the director of the Lviv Academic Gymnasium Lesia Yukhman, the purpose of the meeting of museum specialists is to discuss the state and possibilities of preserving unique collections, including those in art funds.

“Ukrainian embroidery is very multifaceted. Each ornament reflects a certain era, tradition, our deep culture. We decided to unite art critics in this difficult time for our country to once again draw attention to the sacred history of embroidery and work together to develop ideas to promote folk art among Ukrainian youth and revive the tradition of embroidery, “said Lesya Yukhman.

The presentation of Yuri Melnychuk’s collection will begin at 4 pm in the Lviv Academic Gymnasium.

Contact person: Irina Vakh 098 427 67 47

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