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A patriotic painting exhibition is on display at the Drohobychchyna museum. Photo

These days, a powerful artistic event took place in the Palace of Arts of the “Drohobychchyna” museum – the opening of an exhibition of paintings by the Lviv artist Oleg Denisovets. The name of the exhibition is “From the bomb shelter”

The exhibition, which includes several dozen paintings, is the artist’s reflection on the events of the war.

As the artist himself noted, in order to lift the spirits of his neighbors, who often had to hide in a storage room during air raids, he turned the basement of the apartment building into an art gallery.

Each work is not only a story of war, pain, and anger, but also a story of hope, courage, and faith in the inevitable victory of light over darkness.

All canvases of Oleg Denisovets are bright, saturated with color and light. They carry positive energy, give a good mood, warm the soul. Among the paintings presented at the exhibition are “Good evening, we are from Ukraine”, “Language is a weapon”, “Good Russians in Ukraine”, “Firewood”, “Grandfather waited”, “We will win”, others. All works successfully convey the inner emotions of the artist and his reflections on the events of the war.

In addition, the exhibition “From the bomb shelter” is not only a creative project. It also has a social content, because it “travels” with the author through military units and volunteer centers. Despite the images inspired by war, the artist’s canvases carry optimism and faith in victory. Oleg Denisovets thus supports our defenders, gives them strength and inner strength.

Paintings from the “From the Bomb Shelter” project can be viewed at the Palace of Arts until December 15.

Photo by Ihor Fetsyak


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