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Land confiscated from a Russian citizen in Lviv region

The court upheld the claim of the Stryi District Prosecutor’s Office to confiscate land from a Russian citizen in favour of the state;

We are talking about three agricultural land plots located on the territory of Kozivska territorial community of Stryi district. Their total area is more than 1.2 hectares;

Prosecutors established that the defendant inherited the above-mentioned land. However, having ignored the requirements of the land legislation of Ukraine, they failed to alienate the land within a year of acquiring ownership.

In response to the violation, the prosecutor’s office defended the interests of the state in order to prevent illegal possession of Ukrainian land and filed a lawsuit with the court, which was fully satisfied;

These facts became known from the materials of the SBU Office in Lviv region.


After the court decision enters into force, the prosecutor’s office will take measures to enforce it immediately.

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