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In Lviv region, a couple was preparing an attack on a thermal power plant to cut off electricity to Lviv

СБУ викрила подружжя агентів фсб, які готували ракетний удар по ТЕС, щоб знеструмити Львів

SBU cyber specialists neutralized an FSB agent group that was preparing a missile strike on the energy infrastructure of Lviv region.

Among the main targets of the enemy were power plants that provide electricity to most of the region.
To accomplish the enemy’s task, the Russian special service engaged a local couple.

The main person involved was the husband, who has been serving a sentence in a local penal colony since 2023 for causing grievous bodily harm.

He came to the attention of the enemy because of the dissemination of posts in support of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine on social media.

Subsequently, FSB officers established contact with him and conducted remote recruitment.

After that, they switched to communicating in an anonymous chat room, where the prisoner received agent assignments and step-by-step instructions on how to fulfill them.

The FSB agent involved his wife “on the outside” in cooperation with the enemy.

At his request, the woman had to find the “necessary” energy facilities and take photos of them with reference to the area.

The occupiers promised to finance all the “current” expenses of their accomplices related to reconnaissance and subversive activities, as well as to transfer a monetary “reward”.

Upon receiving the intelligence, the aggressor planned to use it to launch missile strikes to cut off power to the western region of Ukraine.

However, the SBU officers timely exposed the criminal intentions of the Russian special service and prevented their implementation.

During a search of the Russian agent’s cell, the SBU seized a cell phone he used to communicate with the FSB.

SBU investigators have served the offender a notice of suspicion under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine:

▫️Ч. 2 Art. 111 (high treason committed under martial law);
▫️Ч. 2 and part 3 of Article 436-2 (justification, recognition of the legitimacy, denial of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, glorification of its participants).

He faces life imprisonment. It is also planned to serve a notice of suspicion of high treason to the defendant’s wife. The investigation is ongoing.

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