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In Lviv, a drunk man climbed into a car park and broke into another man’s car

Today, at around 2 am, we received a report that an unknown man had climbed over the fence into the territory of a car park on Taras Bobanych Street.

The man got into a parked VAZ car belonging to the guard and started driving around the territory. The citizen drove up to the barrier and approached the post, after which he spotted the guard and fled.

Patrol policemen quickly found a 19-year-old citizen who was hiding nearby. He showed signs of alcohol intoxication. The Drager device showed a result of 1.29 ppm. The citizen had never received a driver’s licence.

He was issued a resolution under Part 2 of Article 126 (Driving a vehicle by a person who is not entitled to drive such a vehicle) and a report under Part 1 of Article 130 (Driving a vehicle while intoxicated) of the Code of Administrative Offences.

An investigative team was called to the scene.

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