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In Lviv, young men wanted to organize a mass fight near the “Forum” shopping center – the police worked to prevent it

У мережі останнім часом побільшало згадок про ПВК "Редан". Зокрема, прихильників молодіжної субкультури масово затримують у росії.

As reported in social networks, today after 17.00 on February 27, a gang of teenagers from the “Redan PVC” gathered near the “FORUM” shopping center in Lviv. The police were called to the scene.

A parody of the mass fight of teenage followers of this “Redan” took place near the “Forum”. Several police crews are on the scene. There was no fight as such. The law enforcement officers played in advance and worked quickly.

Recently, there have been more mentions of PVC “Redan” in the network. In particular, supporters of the youth subculture are detained en masse in Russia. However, this wave also reached Ukraine. Representatives of the subculture call themselves informal. They oppose football fans, migrants and people from the Caucasus. However, they claim that the name PVC is a joke. Members of the movement do not associate themselves with a private military company.

Parents – pay attention!

Through social networks, Lviv teenagers are invited to the “Redan” movement, which organizes mass fights with representatives of other subcultures. In no case do not participate in this “flash mob” and do not follow invitations.

During the last few days, this so-called “youth movement”, which is called PVC “Redan”, began to spread massively in Ukraine. It originated and is actively operating in Russia. Its essence is that teenagers arrange mass fights and publicly humiliate each other.

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