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154 million hryvnias: weekly financing from the regional budget

During June 13-17 this year, almost 154 million hryvnias were allocated from the regional budget for the needs of Lviv region

Most of the funds were directed to the payment of wages (over 128 million UAH) were directed to the maintenance of regional institutions.

Also, UAH 4.4 million was transferred for the payment of scholarships, and UAH 3.4 million for the purchase of medicines and food products by educational, medical and social protection institutions of the population of regional subordination.

Other costs are:

UAH 5.3 million was spent on road repairs;

UAH 1.2 million for the implementation of the Safe Lviv Region program;

UAH 0.9 million – for measures to improve public pastures in the Medenytsia territorial community;

UAH 0.7 million – social support for ATO participants (OOS) and their families, ATO volunteer fighters, certain categories of citizens, as well as the families of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred;

UAH 0.6 million – providing support to internally displaced persons, evacuees;

UAH 0.3 million – compensation payments for preferential travel of certain categories of citizens by rail.

The rest is other priority expenditures on the current maintenance of institutions and implementation of measures.

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