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Last night, enemy missiles and “chekheds” did not reach Lviv region

Traffic resumed on the repaired bridge in Velyki Mosty

We have completed the overhaul of the bridge crossing over the Rata river in Velyki Mosty. The bridge is located on 137+155 kilometers of the P-15 Kovel-Vladimir-Chervonohrad-Zhovkva national road. The structure has been fully repaired and is open to traffic,” the Road Service in Lviv Oblast told Holos Sokalshchyny.

The P-15 highway is of high importance for Lviv and Volyn regions. First, the road connects the two regions to each other. In addition, it is a tourist route to the Shatsk Lakes in Volyn region and to Zhovkva Castle, an architectural monument in Lviv region.

“The reinforced concrete crossing was built in 1960. The length of the structure is over 62 meters. Due to the heavy load over the past 63 years, the main elements of the bridge began to deteriorate. The situation is also affected by a significant increase in traffic. In June 2021, we inspected the bridge and declared it to be in disrepair. As of today, the period of trouble-free operation has expired. Further operation of the structure could have led to its destruction or even collapse,” says Oleh Bereza, Head of the Infrastructure Restoration and Development Service in Lviv Oblast.

“During the repair process, we carried out the following works:
▪️ dismantled the existing bridge;
▪️ reconfigured the networks;
▪️ installed supports;
▪️ arranged the span structure;
▪️ provided waterproofing and drainage;
▪️ arranged sidewalks;
▪️ laid asphalt concrete pavement;
▪️ carried out repair work on the approaches to the bridge;
▪️ arranged lighting for the bridge crossing;
▪️ installed barrier and railing fencing.

In the future, we plan to apply road markings and install signs.

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