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Regional and district military administrations acquire new powers to regulate land relations in martial law

According to the Law of Ukraine № 2145, district military administrations are subject to state registration of land lease agreements under martial law.

This means that from now on it is not necessary to make changes to the State Register of Real Property Rights

In the current conditions, district military administrations enter information on lease agreements in a special Book of registration of land tenure and land use (in paper and electronic forms).

Such a Book must be submitted to the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre within 1 month from the date of termination or abolition of martial law in Ukraine or in its respective localities.

According to Law № 2247, the maximum operational provision of land plots of state and communal property for lease is introduced to accommodate the production facilities of enterprises evacuated from the combat zone, without conducting land auctions with strict restrictions on lease conditions.

At the same time, the enterprises to which plots will be provided in case of evacuation of production facilities from the combat zone will be determined by a joint decision of the regional military administration from which they are evacuated and the regional military administration to which such facilities are moved.

For state registration of a land lease agreement during martial law, the landlord must make an application in electronic form, to which attach a copy of the agreement, as well as certified copies of documents certifying the right to land. The application with attached documents is sent to the military administration by e-mail.

District state administrations within 5 working days from the date of application apply for state registration of the lease agreement or provide a reasoned refusal. It is important that the reason for denial of state registration can only be the inconsistency of the submitted documents with the law.

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