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In Lviv, the state delays the payment of social benefits

According to the Department of Social Protection of the LMR, payment orders for the transfer of funds for the relevant payments were submitted to the Treasury Service on May 5.

However, as of today, these expenditures have not been incurred.

At present, the Lviv community is delaying the payment of the following state social benefits:

  • families with children;
  • low-income families;
  • persons who are not entitled to a pension; -persons with disabilities;
  • children with disabilities;
  • temporary state assistance to children;
  • temporary state social assistance to an unemployed person who has reached the general retirement age but has not acquired the right to a pension payment;
  • benefits for the care of persons with disabilities of group I or II due to mental disorders;
  • compensation payments to an unemployed able-bodied person caring for a person with a group I disability, as well as for a person who has reached the age of 80.

“We ask you to be understanding of the current situation, and we promise to ensure the payment of benefits as soon as possible,” the Department of Social Protection of the City of Lviv assured.

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