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The Biskovytsia community and a resident of Mostyshchyna donated cars for our residents: about the trouble in the region for the gain

The holiday in Lviv region passed without major worries.

About the key events for yesterday, the 18th of leaf fall, from the rank information of the head of the Lviv Regional Administration:

At night and in France, 19 units of special equipment were transported on the roads of the Lviv region, and 207 tons of food and salt mixture were transported.

Mostysk resident Nina Yakhimets donated a car for the needs of the ZSU. My family also paid for spare parts for this repair. Volunteers of the Center-Volunteriat of Mostyshchyna have already sent transport to the front for the Mystishchyna prisoner.

The Biskovytsky TG of the Sambir district sent a Toyota Land Cruiser to the forefront. The Pozashlyakhovik will help to conquer the battlefield of Mar’yanova Chvertlik, the soldier-guide of the third local rifle battalion.

A model of the European Parliament was held for students in Lviv. The participants considered themselves deputies of the international parliament. They discussed the topic of expanding the EU’s inclusion to the entire region of the Balkan Peninsula and Converging Europe and monitored the difficulties for these regions under the hour of European integration.


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