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Chervonograd City Council signed a memorandum with the charity organization Caritas Kramatorsk

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, our city has received many guests from Kramatorsk, and the charitable organization “Caritas Kramatorsk” has been working in Chervonohrad for two months. Currently, the foundation’s employees are only furnishing the office on the street. Stusa, 53, however, does not stop his activities, providing humanitarian and psychological assistance to displaced persons, conducting art therapy classes with children.

On July 7, Chervonograd City Mayor Andrii Zalivskyi and director of the charity organization “Caritas Kramatorsk” Vasyl Ivanyuk signed a memorandum of cooperation. The goal is the interaction of the parties to implement effective cooperation for the development of social and legal protection of the family, children and youth, the elderly, and the provision of social services to the needy.

The interaction between the Cheovonograd City Council and the charitable organization “Caritas Kramatorsk” will consist of conducting educational activities and information campaigns, holding joint meetings, as well as prompt exchange of information about people who are in difficult life circumstances.

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