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Citizens who plan to stay within the border strip of Lviv Oblast about the need to obtain a permit

The amendments introduced by the Government of Ukraine to Resolution of the CMU No. 1147 “On the Border Regime” provide for the introduction of restrictions on free entry, stay, residence, carrying out work and movement of persons in the border zone (on an area of land 5 kilometers wide from the state border line).

The restrictions are the need to obtain a permit for persons planning to stay within the border strip of the Lviv region (Chervonograd, Lviv, Yavoriv, Sambir districts). Decisions on the granting/refusal of the permit are issued by the 7 Carpathian border units no later than ten working days from the date of receipt of the application for the granting/recognition of invalidity of the permit and the documents attached to it (the list is provided for by the adopted amendments).

The border detachment notifies the applicant of the decision no later than the next working day using the official communication channel specified in the application.

We remind you that the border strip does not include populated areas and places of mass recreation of the population, which are determined by local self-government bodies. Therefore, regime restrictions for the border lane do not apply there.

Therefore, we urge citizens who plan to stay within the border strip in the Lviv region not to delay in obtaining permits and to address the appeal to the 7th Carpathian border detachment in a way that is convenient for the person:
Lviv, Lychakivska Street, 74, 79010, office 2144
phone: (032)239-01-58
E-mail: lviv_zagin@dpsu.gov.ua
A sample application is available at the following link: https://fex.net/ru/s/dy9tspb.

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