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A “lavender” photo shoot was arranged for Lviv women of respectable age

For women from Lviv, who are in the service of the Lviv City Tercenter of Social Services, a photo shoot “Provence Extravaganza” was organized in the lavender fields near Lviv.

“The visitors of our institution are the best! They enjoyed the event and were not at all shy to pose. Therefore, the photos turned out beautiful. But, the most important thing is that they returned home in a great mood, cheerful and full of strength. And this is very important,” said the Tercenter.

In addition, the participants were told many interesting facts about lavender, its properties and the variety of areas where it is used.

Employees of the territorial center, in order to diversify their leisure time and involve as many elderly people as possible, conduct various activities every day. 10-15 respectable residents of Lviv take part in each of them. Each group on a walk, excursion or training must be accompanied by an employee of the institution.

The Lviv City Territorial Center of Social Services takes care of vulnerable population groups and/or elderly people in difficult life circumstances. The center works at the following address: Lviv, 58a General Chuprinka Street.

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