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Lviv region hands over one hundred more drones to the military as part of the Birds of Victory project

They were purchased by philanthropists and will soon be used by the soldiers in the fight against the enemy.

On 29 February, as part of the Birds of Victory charity project, one hundred drones were delivered to support the military. In the coming days, they will be delivered to the military battalions of the 103rd separate territorial defence brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Once again, the partners and team of the Victory Birds charity project are providing the soldiers with drones. Business representatives join the training camps on a regular basis.

Thus, a hundred “birds” were purchased by the KAVA Foundation of the Orest and Khrystyna Kavetskyi family, with the support of the Victory Birds project, which contributed to the purchase and logistics of these drones.

“My husband and I have been volunteering since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. So, following repeated requests from the guys of the 103rd Brigade, we decided to organise this collection, which lasted three weeks. Everyone who could, including kindergartens, schools, beauty centres and big businesses, joined in. We are grateful to everyone for trusting us, as well as for their support and indifference, because in this way we accelerate our victory,” said Khrystyna Kavetska, founder of the KAVA Charitable Foundation.

The cost of one such FPV drone is UAH 15,000, so today the equipment worth UAH 1.5 million was handed over.

According to Maksym Kozytskyi, head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, a total of 5,000 drones are planned to be delivered by the end of March as part of the Birds of Victory initiative.

“Today, another 100 ‘birds’ flew from Lviv region to help our defenders on the frontline. I am grateful to the project initiators Igor Dulin and Oleksandr Tishchenko who helped with the purchase and logistics. We plan to deliver a total of 5,000 drones by the end of March as part of this initiative.

I am grateful to all those who never tire of supporting our defenders. Thanks to such people, we will definitely win,” said the head of the region.

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