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Families of the fallen defenders visited the small homeland of Ivan Franko – Naguyevychi


This weekend, families of the fallen defenders of Ukraine visited the Naguyevychi State Historical and Cultural Reserve. There, in a circle of like-minded people, the families communicated with each other, learned about the great figure of Franko from a new perspective and enjoyed the landscapes of the genius’s small homeland.

The programme of the excursion was intense: the journey began with a visit to Ivan Franko’s parental estate and the Museum. All the locations pulsate with deep energy, intertwined with history and memories of the outstanding Ukrainian writer, his family and his creative path.

Thus, the estate where Franko spent his childhood and adolescence preserves the atmosphere of that time and allows us to better understand the origins of the poet’s work, his childhood and formative years.

The visit to the Ivan Franko Museum allowed the audience to experience the poet’s legacy through numerous exhibitions, including personal belongings, manuscripts, photographs, and Kamenyar’s posthumous mask.

The next stop was the Church of the Transfer of the Relics of St Nicholas, built in 1801. It is an architectural monument of national importance. The temple impresses with its historical and spiritual significance, preserving ancient icons and architectural details. Here, the attendees prayed together for the centurion Mykhailo Frieder, known by the nickname “Nechai”, as well as for the village’s newest fallen heroes, who are buried next to the church.

The journey ended at the healing spring “Yaryna”, where Fr Ivan Kovba held a prayer service. The spring is known for its unique properties and is a place of pilgrimage for many people seeking healing and spiritual strength.

Together with the families of the fallen defenders, psychologists Iryna Shustova and Andriy Zymyansky, who work with the families of the Heroes and help them overcome stress after the loss of their loved ones, travelled that day. During the trip, the participants also had the opportunity to address their personal pains and problems to the psychologists and receive support from them.

The visit to the Naguyevychi CFE was a good experience that inspired the families of the fallen defenders, strengthened their inner state and helped them feel a deep connection with the past, rethinking the spiritual and cultural values of our land. Such meetings not only provide moral support to families, but also strengthen national unity and strength.

It should be noted that the entire eventful trip was organised by the Department of Social, Psychological, Legal Support and Interaction with Defenders and their Families of the DMC. The department is sincerely grateful to Myroslav Luzhetskyi, Director of the Drohobych ATP of the Municipal Administration Service, for repeatedly providing free vehicles for the families of fallen soldiers. As well as to Lilia Khmil, Deputy Director of the Ivan Franko Museum, and the guide for the rich leisure programme at the Naguyevychi Recreation Centre.

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