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Today is the birthday of Horodok’s coat of arms

The official symbol of the city was approved on 14 May 1998 by the decision of the Horodok City Council session in the form that the coat of arms looks like today

This was reported by the Horodok City Council

The author of the draft coat of arms is the head of the Ukrainian Heraldic Society, Andrii Hrechylo.

Interestingly, the town gate appears on the ancient seals of Horodok dating back to the 16th century. The salt furnace indicates the old name of the settlement (Horodok Solianyi) and the importance of the salt trade for the development of the town. The blue colour represents the local water bodies.

The silver stone crown indicates the status of an urban settlement.

In a blue field is a city gate Or with three towers (each with three loopholes) and open gates Or, in the opening of which is a salt furnace Or.

The shield is inscribed in an eclectic cartouche and crowned by a masonry crown with three merlons Or.

Illustrations: the modern coat of arms of Horodok; the coat of arms of Horodok on the town hall, installed in September 2010

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