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UKU students will help improve life in modular towns

During the semester, students of the Ukrainian Catholic University will work on improving the living conditions of Ukrainians in modular towns. The educational and practical program is implemented in close cooperation with the city Center of Social Support.

The project is coordinated by Maksym Kolyada, a lecturer at UCU. The subject he teaches third-year students from the Faculty of Applied Sciences is called “Creative Approach to Problem Solving.”

“We don’t just read the theory, but immediately apply it to solve the problem. There will be several stages of the project, and at the end the students will propose their solutions. Colleagues from the Center for Social Support should evaluate how realistic these plans are and how they can improve the way of living in the centers,” Maksym Kolyada said.

The teacher emphasizes that it is also important for future technicians to have a sense of empathy and understand the needs of other people.

The Center for Social Support said that they had already conducted an internal analysis on the coordination of the work of various volunteer organizations in the towns – in order to effectively distribute the efforts of volunteers. Therefore, we welcome the help of students from UCU.

“During the meeting, the students were interested in the settlement procedure – how it all happens from February 24 to today. These were professional questions, so we expect a good result. After all, we are always open to changes for the better,” adds Ivan Spodar, deputy director of the Center for Social Support.

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